ABOUT ME: I am a nineteen year old student, currently studying History at university. I live in London, where I was born but not really bred, having lived abroad as an expatriate in the Middle East, from the ages of one to fourteen.

My hobbies and interests range from creative things, such as drawing (with very varying degrees of skill), reading, writing and very amateurish photography (shoutout to all my friends who have had to listen to me moan about my Instagram not being up to standard), to a much more recently found love of active pursuits, such as going to the gym and running – neither of which I am at all good at, but hey it’s the taking part that counts (right??).

In addition, I love travelling both within the UK and further afield, and exploring new cities and countries. As a result of my expatriate upbringing, I have been lucky enough to experience living in two very different settings – the laid back and lazy expat life on a tiny desert island and the much more real and rooted experience of living in London. Having these two contrasting experiences has undoubtedly made me all the more interested in discovering different cultures, as well as exploring their unique histories. Hence, I would love to travel to as many countries as I can, and explore parts of the world that I know nothing about.

I have also recently made the difficult decision to convert to a largely gluten and lactose free and completely tomato and citrus free diet (to put it simply), which I’m sure will feature multiple times on this blog, as it is the current bane of my existence.

ABOUT THIS BLOG: This blog, which I began writing at the beginning of May 2017, is a place for me to record and reflect on my different experiences. Although split into subsections, this blog is a bit of a slightly chaotic amalgamation of everything going on in my life, from books I’ve read, to films I’ve watched, to places that I have been. It provides a forever immortalised record of events that I may not even remember in years to come, as well as an outlet to relay different things that I have encountered and the shaping experiences in my life.

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